Monday, January 17, 2011

The Guys Behind the Blog...

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. One that I just found out recently.

Guys read my blog. 

*gasp!* I know, right? I was shocked too! Haha, ok. Not completely shocked because there are the select few that I make read my blog or else I will key their car ask very nicely to vote for me. :)

Here is a thank you to the guys who don't put eye drops  in my water  as payback for sending you the infamous " " text every day now and then. I still like Ordy Boy 9,000,000x more than you, but you still are pretty neat for being so sweet. A rhyme. Just for you. 

Shout out goes to {names altered for their anonymity, so flocks of my readers don't add them on facebook. creeps. jk}: 

1.) Hefa {today is his birthday, so he gets to start!}

Go ahead. "awwwww". I heard it from all the way over here. CUTE BABY ALERT! I know! Hefa likes: 
  • the great outdoors
  • baseball
  • cars
  • {babies} jk
  • rock climbing 
  • kayaking... ugh the great outdoors, get it? got it? good. 
You can enjoy a hike with him. hahaha

2.) S.A.M. {sorry about not finding a better pic... most of them were topless. there you go}

S.A.M. enjoys:
  • being topless
  • the great outdoors
  • traveling
  • short shorts
  • facial hair
Should be noted: uncanny resemblance to Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

3.) "SITCH"! {yet another guy hard to get a picture of with a SHIRT ON}

justttt kiddin, cuz- you know i had to. 

I actually can't think of anything nice to say about #3. I'll have to come back to this....

  • Biggest heart {even tho he has YET to send me Shipley's donuts... but maybe he's actually doing me a favor...}
  • enjoys working out- so most of your dates will be at the gym... don't say i didn't warn you...
  • is Italian. ha. ha. ha. 
  • has more muscles in his pinky than Bandit in his entirety. 
  • actually has a brain... super smart, {Dr. status}
  • loves basketball. So, if you're prepared to be his cheerleader- ladies, he's the guy for you. haha

And... last but not least, 4.) My BFF Matthiaku. AkA: GUAPO. aka: bff. He'll probably get his own full post later on. but for now, this will do. 

  • Nicest guy ever
  • World traveler/jet setter (brazil, italy, spain etc. you name it he's been and will go again- maybe with you... haha)
  • Lavish lifestyle with a real job
  • Hil.AR.i.ous (really, you should see our text threads... just today I found myself in hysterics...)
  • loves the outdoors 
  • likes to run/work out (more gym dates)
  • likes to have a good time
Proof he reads my blog:

Ladies: send me an e-mail with your stats and educational background {<--serious, haha ok jk} to see if you qualify for me to work as Cupid for this upcoming holiday for love {Valentine's Day... for all you clueless folk}

Gentlemen: do not kill me for doing this. it was all in good fun ;)

SO there you have it! The main men behind the blog. Of course there's the cutest of them all, Ordy Boy...

P.S. DON'T forget, gentlemen: HA!


  1. I'll take S.A.M.

    No offense Hefa. Candace said we would have a verbally abusive marriage and I think we prob both know that's true. I still love you though!

  2. boys are allowed to read blogs?? what?? so weird/cool. makes me wonder ... ;)hahaha!