Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Office...

Here's proof:

 Before you judge me for the color scheme and choices- let me just tell you that I am on a redecorating freeze and will not let myself do anything to this room. I won't let myself even think about another paint job or color scheme- more excuses to browse HomeGoods and look for items that are totally unnecessary. For now, this works. 

I use an ottoman storage bench as my chair because I never found a good office chair this way Bandit and I both can sit on it. (Trust me, he does. Every time.)

I realized I fall more and more in love with this desk... I WISH it wasn't my dad's... and I wish it wasn't expensive and I found it at a thrift store, because that sucker would be heirloom white faster than you can say, "NO MORE WHITE!" 

The first thing my friends say when they see this room: "but... you hate pink..." haha. it's true. My apologies to the 99% of the female population offended by that statement... I do. I hate the color pink. Yellow is by far my favorite color- then grey and white haha. seriously. BUT, the whole thing started from an idea to do a sour green apple wall (to keep me AWAKE and HAPPY in the office) and maybe navy OR black and white accents. Well, since my bedroom was B/W and yellow at the time- I was trying to get away from that color scheme. And what else is popular nowadays (aka easy to find at Marshalls/TjMaxx): lime green and hot pink. Ok, tacky enough. sold. I figured I'd get it out of my system before I had a husband to answer to :)
Please keep in mind: this office was done in 36 hours. It went from a nasty cranberry wall- 5 coats of white paint- to this green you see. Oh, and I started it at 2 a.m. last semester. 

While looking for artwork, I saw this Audrey picture and just liked the pop of color that would be against the wall and I loved the fact that it wasn't the cliche picture of her. I was going to do a wall of frames/pictures but knew I'd never get around to it. So, up she went. Even though, if you know me, you know this is totally out of my element. Ha this whole room is a contradiction to my house. But, that's what makes it me :)


  1. i just wanted to say that your office is fantastic! i'm not a fan of a matter of fact i'm madly in love with blue..but the pink and lime green look great together!!! hope to be spending more time on your blog. :]

  2. Hello just wanted to let you know that your office desk is FABULOUS!!!
    I had to share and blog about it with my readers!
    View here your office at
    Thank you to inspire...xo
    Enjoy your weekend!