Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Post

I had this post saved and just realized I never posted it... sorry! The blog is all sorts of out of order now! ha

I had a great Christmas, and I just want to remind you guys the beauty of having a list for your loved ones! Because this is what happens:

Bummer about #3, right? I know... I know... just kidding. No Tory Burch flats but I did get two pairs of TOMS and Gap City Flats!

Having a list is great because you know you're helping THEM out by not running all over the city "guessing" what you'd like! {I know this, because this year Ordy gave me a list and I LOVED it! Like I would know he wanted a Dremel 4000 or an air compressor?!? Exactly. Seeing him get the gifts he wanted made it that much more fun for me on Christmas! Of course there are always the surprise gifts- those are fun too! Like these:

How adorable? I love him. Ordy saw this nightstand that was "so me", and I do believe he's right... 

And check.out.that.lamp. Seriously? I'm in love. The pair look SO good by my bed! I can't wait to post pics once my room is clean! I contemplated returning the lamps and just making them, but I don't need another project on my list and by the time I found all the materials and bought matching bases and found the time to do it all... I just decided I'll keep these and be happy :)

I also got the blush I've been wanting! I wouldn't normally {as in, I'd never} spend $30 on blush... I'm pretty low maintenance and you can find all my make up at Target/Walmart... but for the sake of making a list and getting goodies I'd normally never buy, I enjoyed being spoiled... I did the research between Nars (#1 blush in the world), and Lorac's Hot Flash... and this one gave such an amazing glow I had to have it!

Another "splurge" that I highly recommend is Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. It goes with my goal of trying to take better care of my skin. You can find it on Amazon for $10 cheaper than Sephora which is pretty awesome!

and more skin care {which I CANNOT BELIEVE is $65 at Sephora and only $24.99 on Amazon... giving you guys the links and finding them online is kind of killin' me... I realize how much I could have saved- or my family/Ordy but still! I can't believe the price difference :( ugh}:

More stocking stuffers included your typical candle/soap/lotion/trinkets/smell-good-stuff/girly stuff etc:

(oh my gosh, how i LOVE this nail polish!! it dries MATTE!) and in case I don't want NAVY, I can use this top coat that makes ANY polish matte! how cool is that?? {and i found it on Amazon for $3 instead of $8 each polish at ulta! i am racking up these amazon savings for y'all... jk}

{best chapstick ever! but don't get from Amazon, because it's $7 at Bath and Body Works and USUALLY Buy 2 get 1 free, so 3 for $14!!! I just put Amazon links up here for y'all to click and see the items}

More goodies (not actually pictures of MY gifts, but similar):

An adorable frilly apron AND Pyrex loaf dishes to bake my banana bread in... and I can also use the ADORABLE yellow ceramic nesting bowls Ordy's parents got me... and the other stuff I love from them:

an AWESOME king.size.quilt. i will use forever :)
now my mason jars can be vases! and actually hold the flowers in place... so excited!

I don't feel it's necessary for me to list every single gift, but I did want to share my favorites! The most thoughtful gift I got this year though, was from Ordy's sweet sister. She got us all these beautifully wrapped boxes, and inside there were rubber band bracelets that said Charity:Water on it. For every bracelet she bought the organization provides well water to someone for 20 years! Now that's a gift that keeps on giving! She's so cute and thoughtful to give a meaningful gift like that. 

Also thoughtful, is opening a jewelry box containing an antique gold with ivory rose pendant that I noticed at Scott's Antique last month and said, "ooh! look at that!" to Ordy, and him sneaking off to buy it... I had no idea! It's so dainty and girly! I'll have to show y'all later :)

Ok, I'm off to bed. I am a blessed girl... when I'm sitting at a computer trying to think of my fav gifts and realizing I left so many out. The weird thing is this Christmas was my favorite Christmas. Not because of any gifts, because we all know last year was by far the most humbling... but because of the time I spent with my family. We all just enjoyed each others company and it was amazing. Here are some pictures hahaha {excuse us, we are pale and pasty and lack make up-- but we are one big happy family}

self timer = some goofy picture taking...


  1. aw sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! i love the bedside table, so stinking cute ordy/buble did an awesome job!

  2. Pale and Pasty?! NOT EVEN! At least you live where the sun still shines. Haha! Jk. LOVE that nightstand and those lamps! SO beautiful! Looks like you had such a great Christmas. :) I got TOMS too! We're twins. Haha! Happy New Year!

  3. hahaha! i should probably say we were paleR and pastieR before i used picnics tan feature!!! it's amazing! it helped the fact that the ladies didn't have a stitch of make up or bronzer on :)

    I love my toms, but i can't decide if i'll ever wear the white/silver shiny ones! i might have to exchange for the burlap looking ones! or just plain grey... hmm. decisions decisions!

  4. looks like you had an awesome christmas. i do love that night stand and the masons! our family does matching p.j's fun!!

  5. Lists are such a great idea!! Why didn't I think of that?

    Have a wonderful New Year - love your photos!!