Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long Time No WIWW!

I haven't participated in What I Wore Wednesday because I've been crazzzzy busy and my outfits were boring :( you understand, right? holiday slump... and this weeks was pretty boring. Like pretty much the same stuff just different variations!

Also, because I buy multiples, it may LOOK like the same shirt... but it isn't. Well, it is but only 2 times- not three!

please excuse my awkward caveman slump, dunno what was going on...

Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Target Boyfriend Tee
Black Skinnies: Forever 21
Leg Warmers: Charlotte Russe maybe? Gifted...
Wellies: Ordy Boy (Burberry)

Cardigan: NY&CO
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS

I forgot my WIWW picture habits but snapped this at Gap because I literally bought it and walked out with it on. It was freezing out and I only had my thin Marmot rain coat. So there's your WIWW pic. In store :)

Jacket: duh. Gap
Shirt: Target Boyfriend Tee
Black Skinnies: Forever 21
Leg Warmers and Wellies: Same as before

NYE! Ordy Boy makes it in the WIWW post pic {even if he'll be mad later... haha}

Blazer: NY&Co
Shirt: Gap Tee {softest shirt in the world}
Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitton
Shoes: Michael Kors Wedges
Purse: Tory Burch

anndddd for kicks: 

the only thing I know Ordy is wearing:
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Ariat
Because I bought them both, he just makes them look so stinking cute

 So, I was apparently doing the Hokey Pokey when I snapped this pic in Ordy's closet??

Cable Knit Sweater: I think I stole it {or did she give it??} from my roommate sophomore year of college... *sorry Tanneka if you're reading this- love you and I'll give it to you next GNI if you miss it!
Leg Warmers
Boots: Ordy Boy picked them up on a business trip to Dallas. He loves me. I love him. This works out.

annddd because I didn't leave my house all day in order to redeem myself from my "hoarderish" ways- I spent the entire day at home cleaning while watching Three's Company in my original Janet nightgown that Ordy Boy and his grandmother made me {he had the idea, she had the sewing skills} it is my most cherished gift ever. 

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  1. You dress so cute, could you be my personal shopper?? Also, i tried the socks-pulled-up-higher-than-the-boots thing and robby asked me why i did that cause it looked wierd. and i said, well i think it's in style. I'm glad to see that you did it, i feel more fashionable :) Have fun tonight!

  2. I LOVE the chunky cardi outfit and the gap outfit, I am a SUCKER for boots! I have out up my first WIWW post today! Off to link up to pleated poppy!

  3. I love your wellies!

  4. I LOVE those Michael Kors wedges.
    Your style is great. So put together, stylish and comfy! :)

  5. Love all of your cute outfits! I'm blog hopping to see all the posts...I want to join in next week! I'm having a giveaway starting tomorrow! I just entered yours! Thanks! ♥