Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling the Blog Love

I feel like a nerd. I have been so giddy about this it's not even funny.

Let me give you some background first... I have a tumblr account. It's not where I blog- it's what I like to call my 'cyber filing cabinet'. It's a compilation of inspiration pictures, motivation, and even future recipes I'd like to try one day! It's not for every day, it's just a 'drawer' I have of photos to look at later- like bookmarking them to come back to. The way tumblr works (so well) as a networking site is that anyone can 'like' or 'reblog' any post on any page. (That's partially why I don't want to blog every day personal stuff on it BUT it's a great way to get readers if you were on it, because it basically markets to people you'd never be able to by other people reblogging and doing the networking for you).

Anyhow, back to the story. So, one of the blogs I subscribe to view countless pages of inspirational homes is sweethomestyle. I absolutely love the stuff they have!

Wed morning at 1 a.m. I randomly submitted my bedroom on this blog. Wed evening around 5 p.m. I am just browsing the website and sho' nuff I see MY bedroom!!! And after TEN MINUTES of being up it was liked/reblogged 100 times! I was so excited I told everyone who would (and wouldn't) care! Is it weird I felt amazing that my bedroom might inspire someone?!? Especially because of the current state it's in right now...(an absolute mess)

I kept checking back (naturally, every girl loves to feel validated haha) and saw all the sweet feedback and felt like some kind of star. hahaha just being honest! (I can't imagine how all these 'big blogs' feel!)

Here are some:

(and my responses of course, just for you- since i can't respond to anyone haha)

I went to bed thinking, that's NUTS my bedroom is on all these random people's blog as inspiration!!! WHOOHOO! <-- that's me feeling important/cool. HA!

I was so annoyed I didn't have my awesome duvet cover on it :( oh well! 440 people still loved it :)

Just thought I'd share this with you, because it was so exciting (maybe just for me!) and since this is my online journal, it was worthy of journaling!


  1. Oh that is soooo exciting!! I'm so happy for you! That's a great feeling!! :)

  2. That's so cool! And you do have a rad bedroom!

  3. thank you!!! I seriously had to just enjoy the day :) I was so excited. luckily no one thought i was a nerd haha

  4. haha, too awesome! that woulda literally made my day, month, year, decade!! haha! great room btw, you've got a great sense of style!!

  5. Thank you!!! And thanks for following along and catching up!! Today's comments are making my day/month too- if only the knew I changed EVERYTHING this weekend!!! Hopefully sweethomestyle will feature the new office!! Check in this week to see what I did to it. It's. So. Different. Haha!