Friday, February 4, 2011

Laverne and Shirley

I named these chairs Laverne and Shirley. Don't ask... just go with it...

I found them for $7 each at a thrift store around Thanksgiving, but thanks to the cold weather I haven't been able to do anything {which has been a blessing in disguise...}

Blessing because: My original plans were to paint the chairs WHITE with HOT PINK fabric seats... to match my bright office.

Well, last week I got the classic "Bee in a Bonnet" urge... and decided the office will no longer do.

And just like that, I sold some things in the office to justify the purchase of new things. Whatever I make with the old stuff determines the price of the new office budget. That way I don't feel guilty for "wasting money". I also had a Home Depot gift card that pretty much covered all my painting supplies. So, technically, I haven't spent a single penny... justification at its finest :)

Back to Laverne and Shirley. We had a random 70 degree weekend here and I took advantage of it. I spent the whole afternoon sanding, priming, painting, and stapling.

Here's proof:

Oops, wrong proof. Ok, so besides hiring my nephew to do the dirty work and breaking every child labor law out there... we got a lot done. I only made him work for 5 out of the 6 hours we were there. I gave him a water break and a cookie halfway through. I'm a nice boss. I mean, he's only 3.

*That charming table was my first auction purchase! I scored it for $5 and knew it'd be gorgeous white. Surprise, surprise! haha but that's a later post... if a post at all. I left it in Ordy's truck bed and an unexpected rain hit- so the top warped :(

So, my sister snuck this picture, and I'm actually impressed that I'm not a) cursing b) screaming c) throwing a tantrum in any of these pictures. Explanation: I'm a Krylon girl... Ordy swears by Rustoleum. I was SO MAD I spent MORE MONEY just to get the WORST results! A brand new $8 bottle wouldn't spray and kept clogging (and no, there was no user error!)

The old chairs had nasty yellow thin styrofoam I just tossed and bought this huge piece at Hobby Lobby. Who knew it could be so expensive? I waited weeks for a 40% off coupon, bought the foam for $14 on Friday, and on Monday a 40% off coupon circulated. Go. Figure.

They weren't screwed on, that's why it's lopsided- but it's because I left the screws at Ordy's and was too excited to wait for pictures!

I love the way they turned out! I couldn't have done it without my sister exploiting her two young children to help. Thanks! (just kidding. no cute kids were harmed in any of the projects!)


  1. I love lavern and shirley, the chairs and the tv show, i would lay on the couch and fall asleep to that show when they played them all night on Tv land. Your chairs are beautiful and i can't wait to see the rest of your office!
    And that table.. don't throw it out just cause it warped you can fix it! it's sooo cute!

  2. Love the new header! Love the chairs! Love Sher's kids ;)

  3. You do have awesome luck at finding great deals! Those chairs are great. And I have to agree with Ordy, I love Rust-oleum :) but it's hard to justify buying it when Krylon costs 1/3 of the price.

  4. Thanks! You'll have to tell me what to do about that table and the warped top! Emily, you should see the kids soon! They're soooo cute!
    Jennifer- I have NO idea how you tolerate Rustoleum! I bought it because I thought it would be the "best" and because I had a gift card it was "free" but never again... haha I can't tell you how disappointing it is to start a project after months of anticipation and having your tools- but then it not working! such a bummer!