Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Decor

In case you haven't noticed from the last two posts here and here ...

This might surprise those of you who actually know me in real life... because I hate the color pink. I know, I know. Crazy talk. Stick with me here, I'm about to get crazier... I don't like chocolate. *GASP* I know.

I know I just laid down some make-or-break terms... hopefully we can still be friends?

Things I DO love about Valentine's Day:

Speaking of getting dolled up... How Valentine's Day are these: (I know a lot of people WON'T like them, but they are SO girly, so frilly, so ruffly, sooooo pretty! I don't wear heels but I can appreciate a pretty one!)

I just love how every one is cheesy. Like, Ordy and I are lovey-dovey all the time- 99% of the time it's nice to see others in the same mood. I just said 99% of the time because the 1% he is probably rolling his eyes at me and giving me a hard time for storing my yard sale finds in his garage... I'm pretty hard to love then :)

I decorated my house a little. It's hard to find non-pink things, but the occasional pink decor doesn't bother me. I might have to pick some up on sale this year the day after! I decorated my house 2 weeks ago, but waited until now so you couldn't judge me. But by disclosing that, it's too  late- isn't it?

This isn't really a Valentine's Day decoration, BUT, it is super cute and worth sharing. Ordy went to an antique mall one weekend (without me, nerd!) and knows my obsession with milk glass and scooped this prize up for me. I was so so so happy. I think it's gonna be adorable with pink and red m&m's, but since I didn't have any, winter oreos will do!

My centerpiece from this post:

I printed these out, taped them on burlap scrap paper, and framed them in these $1 yard sale frames (I painted primer gray)...

My sister's friend made her these flower bordered mirrors and I have had them for YEARS... I pull them out every Christmas/Valentine's Day... The gold tray was a X-mas sale find from Target ($7) and the tray is holding: candles and Valentine's Day Dog Cookies (in heart and bone shapes!)

Just an extra feminine touch in the corner

Bandit loving his easily accessible treats!

And of course, this Wednesday's Dozen! Gorgeous "Football" Mums! In yellow (he knows me well) and white (he REALLY knows me well)...

Hope y'all are having as much fun as I am with all this decorating! It's a romantic touch in the house, and I absolutely love it. I'm glad I got the decoration out early enough because I want to be able to enjoy it!

Since it's the holiday of love, here are some posts so you know why I love Ordy Boy- since this is really what the blog is all about :)

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  1. Those shoes are AMAZING!!!! Love the decor. So cute! And I have to say, that the colored/ holiday oreos taste better than the regular.

  2. Everything looks so cute! And I LOVE those shoes. I don't wear heels either, but like you I can appreciate an awesome pair!

  3. Love the shoes!

    Doing the banner was really easy... It was a part of the design template I used, it's one of the "Watermark" ones. Does that make sense? Then I just resized the total size of the blog until it was centered!

  4. I also LOVE the mums! Wedding??? I think yes!

  5. Those heels are gorgeous. I could never walk in them but beautiful nonetheless/ I love all your vday decorations. I am never organized enough to decorate for anything except fall/christmas.. but maybe one day

  6. i. love. those. heels! seriously where did you find them? i love your vday decor to it's too cute!

  7. I'm SO glad everyone loves the heels (or can at least appreciate them!) thanks for all the sweet words! and THANKS LORI for teaching me something :)

  8. OH MY GOSH!!! I love the shoes!!

    PLs tell me where are they from aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah