Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Oh, good old Stanley...

Wait... not Stanley Roper from Three's Company. Oops. Everyone... be prepared...

He's Stella's older brother. I got him at Scott's the last time I went. But snow days and rainy days kept me from doing much with him. That and the fact that he was glued in the frame (I love the ones you can just unscrew and spray paint- no taping off!) You don't think much of him? Just wait. I'll show you.

The minute we got a little "spray paint" weather (what I like to call it), I ran outside and laid out the drop cloth! <-- which was gross and soaking wet from the week of rain we had before. Ooops.

I repurposed my subscription to Business Law as a great way to tape off the mirror... (I was going for much needed printer paper at first- what was I thinking?!) I won't lie, I started reading some articles while I waited in between coats to dry ha!

 Make sure you tape the middle down, I made a mistake last time and as I started spraying the pages were blowing up and off allowing particles of paint to get on the mirror.

Goodbye to that brassy gold hue..

I wanna know why I didn't do this sooner!? I am absolutely obsessed with Stanley! That's not his home... he's just chilling in the landing for NOW... his real home is in the new office (whenever that happens!) Check back in soon to see Stanley in his real spot!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the highlight of my day yesterday... waking up to a tweet from Krylon DIY about my design on a budget post. Whoop whoop!


  1. i am in love with stanley, he is beautiful, i can't wait to see your office! Are you getting close to being done?

  2. I finished painting the first coat last night in between studying/bachelor but I will need Ordy's help this weekend (he's out of town) so it's kind of at a stand still until then :( it's killing me since i'm such a "go-getter" haha.

    I might just start organizing since it's a mess. but i'm also using the next few days trying to pick an accent color. I need help! What goes well with white/silver/black?

  3. Um yellow! jk :) what about green or red or light blue?? Really anything, the world is your oyster.

  4. Stanley is a gem!

    How do you make the cute text boxes??

  5. Thanks! I am so in love with him I can't wait to put him in his real home in the office soon!

  6. I am very jealous of all your pretty mirrors! I need a pretty full length one, I am officially on the hunt haha

  7. Believe it or not, Stella came from a thrift store and Stanley came from an antique store... SAME PRICE. either the thrift store was too expensive or the antique store too cheap, either way... i love BOTH of them!!!

  8. Stanley is breath-taking!