Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to WIWW

I forgot most days to take a picture... on the other days that I did remember- I was too embarrassed to document them. Ex: Friday morning it was pouring here and I woke up early to meet up with my BFF's mom to go yard saleing/thrifting... When I stopped by Ordy's house afterwards to show him my junk treasure finds, he stared at me and said, "wow. you... you... look homeless..." HA HA HA I almost died laughing. Of course it was said in love and reminded me of my unibrow horror in France. Oh, that Ordy Boy, gotta love him and his brutal honesty. He pulled me in for a hug and my soaking wet self was laughing while he continued, "I can't believe you left your house like that"... I justified my outfit decision by saying who was I trying to impress while thrifting in this weather?! (Just to give you an idea: I had 3 jackets on AND his XL snowboarding jacket bc it had a water resistant coating and a hood and bc I couldn't find my thin Marmot rain jacket... so I looked homeless (and fat). haha

SO, it's a safe to say I will NOT be posting HOMELESS pictures...

Top: GAP
Necklace: Christmas gift from seester
Jeans: 7 for all mankind
Flats: Coach
And a close up of my necklace... 

I really should keep my camera upstairs... iphone pictures and laziness don't mix well. Forgive the quality of the next few pics.

I look really gross here. I should probably never wear that dress again. I look preggers.

Cardigan: Stolen from ex rm haha
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: True Religion
Shoes: were downstairs but I went for comfort over style on a cold day- Uggs.

Shirt: Polo Oxford
Jeans: 7 for all mankind skinnies
Shoes: 9 yr old loafers

Sweater: GAP
White longsleeve: Target
Jeans: Express skinnies
Shoes: Toms


  1. Love all the looks. Polo oxfords over skinny jeans with flats is one of my go-to looks. I've started getting men's small oxfords and they are so comfy with the sleeves rolled up!

  2. the BEST! Mine are all guys after my ladies grew lol because all the buttons pop on the "slim fit" women oxfords. sad....