Monday, February 21, 2011


(Warning, this is probably the most boring post I will ever write, but I still am writing it. For accountability and to stay true to my intentions of the blog- to 'journal' my life... I will be back with projects and office progress later this week!) Also, all pictures are taken from my iPhone- so don't judge :)

Today, I was the most productive than I ever have been- in my life.
I had an appointment for a 1st time visit at the chiropractor's office, at the constant urging of my "motherly" friend, Emily. I finally decided to quit saying and start DOING. I made an appointment via e-mail Friday and as MUCH as I DREADED the thought of a 10 a.m. Monday appointment, I fought my laziness and went through with it (I usually wake up around 11:30 on Mon/Wed because I don't have class until 4:30 p.m. I'm skeptical of chiropractic care, but I've heard a lot of the general wellness it promotes and I'm interested to try it... That and:

That was the list that made me suck it up and go visit the chiropractor. We go over x-rays Wed... so I'll keep you posted. And the only picture I took was to show my friends how humiliating the shorts were that I had to change into- so I won't be posting that... ha
After the chiropractor, I pulled into my driveway exhausted and hungry. I sat in my car and realized I don't have anything at home. I was dying to get back in my warm bed and take a nap. (I'm extremely lethargic... in case you haven't noticed- all I want to do is sleep...) I decided that I would try and fight the laziness and keep myself up. I told myself if I could fight through the sleepiness, maybe I could get to bed at a normal time and start a good sleeping schedule... I heard it helps a lot with weight loss. I'll try anything at this point.

I made my way to the grocery store and made the best decisions and purchases (even while starving!) I left with $75 worth of fruits, veggies, and protein. I was so happy. BUT, I have done this before... and everything has gotten moldy and fuzzy before I even consume it...

That brings us to my 3rd productive thing. I put my groceries away and wanted to nap. WAIT. I can't nap! I defeat #2! I decided to quit postponing my cabbage soup making and used the time while I was putting it together to also try this "meal planning" business. It hit me. No wonder all my stuff gets tossed and yucky- I put it in my fridge and forget about it! With a busy full-time student schedule, it's easy to run out the door with 3 minutes to spare and forget breakfast or grabbing a lunch. I get stuck spending $10 on a turkey sandwich at the school and forget my water bottle. It's awful. Not today.

I washed, cut, diced, prepared, and tupperware-ed. (It's a word, trust me). It took a while, but I have NO excuse!!! I don't have kids- I have the most chill dog that just watches me quietly haha... I don't have a husband... hardly a boyfriend with his travel schedule (just kidding, booboo), and no work (I'd love to change that... but while I'm unemployed- I have no excuse!)

It started with just preparing my lunch for tomorrow, then I found myself washing all the fruits I got and getting them ready for easy consumption. No more excuses for me to find. They're all washed and ready to eat in their own little container.

I was a machine. I was so proud of myself, sending Emily and my sister texts throughout the process, with pictures as proof. I couldn't believe it- I bet my nephew had to pick my sister's jaw up off the floor when she got my texts...

It's 3:30 p.m. now... I have class at 4:30. That's productive... right? Doing all this and not skipping... just give me this one :) (Especially since I didn't have my nap!)
At 6:30 p.m., I'll be meeting India at the gym to do the 5th productive thing today-
Workin' out... I've said it before... I'm trying to get healthy, but now I have some sort of accountability... A few friends and I are going to try to keep it going for at least 4 weeks. I know it's hard when you're the only one eating right... so hopefully with all of us doing it- we'll see results. I'm excited... I'm ready to quit hating my pictures... I hate cringing when I see a photo- I used to be so photogenic! I wanna be the Old Joon. Current Joon sucks... ok not really, but I am 60lbs heavier so I'm ready to change. Keep me accountable!!!!


  1. yumm that fruit looks delish! I will say i was so hoping this would be a office reveal post but i'm glad to see that you have been so productive today!

  2. What's awful is it's been done- I just don't feel like putting things back in their places for picture taking! HAHA!!! ok, no more laziness, I will have a deadline and commit to it! I want to post it too! I've just been dreading the picture taking

  3. You can do it!! You're beautiful and desrve to feel good about yourself! I am doing the same thing. It so helps when you have a plan in your head of what you're going to eat the next day. I've been going strong for a week now, and I KNOW I can do this, and so can YOU! I have a few sayings I repeat to myslef when I feel like giving in. Let me know if you want them. :) I can't wait to see your new office! Yay.

  4. i'm shocked someone read this... it's so boring! THANKS!

    don't leave me hanging! I'm all about affirmation! i'll write it all over my mirrors/windows/walls!!! Tell me!

  5. Don't get mad, but when I first read the title I thought you were going to post about the facial cleanser. Hehe. You're so good to get on track and be productive. I am tired all the time and just want to sleep. I think it's from my two little monkeys. Oh, and I was going to tell you if you want a bracelet I'll send you one. Just tell me what color pearl beads, the gray or the taupe colored ones?

  6. hahaha! i'm not mad! I sat at my computer for 10 min trying to think of a title that wasn't "productive" or "just another manic monday..." hahaha and i was like, well, i was PROactive... i did, not just say, i actually got up and DID! <--huge accomplishment for me...

    oh my gosh you are way too nice!! I love them both! the taupe are cute! you should start selling them! I am gonna blog about your giveaway soon! long day of doing- wore me out :)

  7. So I thought this post was going to be about skin care. But I am so glad that its not!! I am proud of you for being so proactive. I totally need to do that more....probably wont happen but, well you know.

    Love your guts