Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why I Can't Have Kids.

Because they'll never be as cute as my sisters. Let me explain. Meet my sister:

Gorgeous right? Growing up we were opposites. She was thin, I was CHUBBY. She was tan, I was PALE. She had the straightest hair, I had the CURLIEST. She was outgoing, I was SHY. She was a nerd, I was awesome. Wait, I made that one up. But the rest = true. If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'. We were so opposite it's a wonder how we're such best friends...

Anyway. Here is sissy and her hubby. Together, they make the cutest babies I have EVER SEEN. And because of that, I can't have kids. I can't embarrass my kids with the pressure of living up to hers... Cousin rivalry, much?

What's annoying amazing is, their kids aren't just to-die-for cute... they're unbelievably sweet. They're polite, well behaved, mild-mannered, and love each other!! OK, now I REALLY can't have kids. watch mine be the spawn of satan running around plugging our pet's tails in outlets.

My future kids will probably be more like this:

photo credit: all i did was google 'bad kids' in about 10 years you can google "joon's kids" for updated pics.
BACK to her awesome kids. The oldest, Kian, has a heart of gold, and the personality of a grown-up comic... he is too much.

I'll spend a little bit more time here on the youngest, because over the past 18 months- I'm ashamed to say she has been overlooked. I've always favored boys more (it's a 'less-fragile' mentality), and she really just intimidated me. So, the remainder of this post is going to be cuteness overload... Sweet Baby Kayden...

Warning: if you currently do not have/want a baby girl- don't say I didn't warn you... pictures of Kayden have been known to make even the greatest 'boy-hopeful' dad wish for a sweet girl like her...

Oh Kayden... where do I start... I loved you before I met you... did you know I named you? (You were almost PARIS!!! As much as I love Paris, I had to convince your labor-pain suffering, delusional mama to go with Kayden. It fits. Even though sometimes you look like a Matilda... haha)
mommy dressed you in a nautical dress for my birthday since she knows it's my fave!

we threw you the cutest garden party when you turned 1!
You remind me SO much of me baby Kay, it's not even funny. Like the way you climb everything in sight. Your grandma used to set a video camera and just set it there while I thought I was alone climbing (and falling from) every chair. I'd fall, pick it up, and climb again.

 The way you eat any and EVERY thing! I'm paying for it now... but still- when I was your age it was cute :)

If mommy let you dress yourself, you would never match, but still rock it anyway...

How goofy you are!!! I remember always cutting up to make your sister laugh growing up and always being goofy. I see it in you and it cracks me up! I love your grandma walk!!

Kayden... I'm afraid here is one thing we DON'T have in common... your amazin sense of fashion... A few pics to prove it:

who has a bob at 15 months?? you. 

seriously? the jacket? the knee high boots? who are you!?

you've got your own style, it's so you

your husband will love how you clean in style :)

stylish lil momma in your sweater dress and leggings!

you're even cute when you're cozy!

like a true girly-girl, you love your purses

too cute for words

daddy's gonna be in trouble... 

jean jackets? toms? cuter than i could ever try to be...

look at you all dressed up!
toms smaller than my palm
layering like a pro :)
look at that pony tail! i know kids who are bald at 18 months, go you!
a blazer?! you're not even 2! 

prettiest face
boyfriend jeans? please!
in your little dress and moccasins...too much.
Kayden, you're adorable!

You've blessed my life for 18 months now and I can't wait to see what a beautiful lady you will blossom in to! You've got everyone that knows you wrapped around your little finger and we wouldn't have it any other way...

So there you have it. X amount of reasons (mostly pictures) why I cannot have kids. I keep convincing her to have more, because when they're as cute and sweet as hers, why the heck not?!?! The world has enough bratty kids-I'll spare everyone my future rejects if she has at LEAST 3 more... haha

To keep up with Kian and Kayden, visit for unbelievably cute posts from my sister and these kids! You won't be disappointed! (You could even learn a fashion tip or two from little miss K on there!) She posts about her beautiful home, crafts, recipes, baby tips, her bow business, and even incredible parties with DIY tips! (She goes ALL out!)

For all my loyal friends who still think I'm cooler than my sister, you can keep clicking here :)


  1. I can totally relate to this. My sister is also skinny, is also gorgeous, is also blessed with straight hair. Sigh...

    Luckily I beat her to the punchline of kids being 5 years older. hehe

    ...AND mine are DAMN cute!

    Come and see for yourself!! ; ) Or, come to win of my giveaway's; Rockin' Green Detergent, Baby Bond Nursing Cover (great gift idea too!), or Roundabout Cupcake Sleeves. They all have more than a week with very low entries!

    I'll be giving away a few cloth diapers soon, too!

  2. Oh my goodness. I am obsessed with the cuteness of your sister's kids. Seriously, Kayden should be a little model. Love it!!

  3. The father must be amazing! That is most important. Is he Spanish?

  4. ha thanks, i dunno about amazing (jk) but he's persian. they both are. we all are. hahaha

  5. what a cute post! I love it, your sis' kids are dolls! I'm sure yours will be equally as adorable!

  6. They really are adorable, and so stylish too!

    I know exactly how you feel though, our friends have the smiliest, easiest, happiest baby and I just know we are going to have the complete opposite, to even out the universe you know!