Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Does it still count if it's the very last hour left in a Wed?? I've been so busy I forgot... Oops. (Like you really noticed haha!)

I was at the mall when I realized I left the house before taking my WIWW pic and saw the lighting was good and snapped a pic. Typical outfit. 
Top: Gap
Skinnies: David Bitton Buffalo
Flats: Gap (falling apart already- sad!) 

What I WISH I had to spice up the outfit:

HOW CUTE is that cardigan!!! I am obsessed with ALL things nautical!!! the trim detail was darling. I seriously wish it fit me 'better'. As in, fit at all. And I loved the dress, I just need to lose some weight before I felt right about buying it... But I DID snag this adorable (simple) sweater (which I wore later on in the week...) 

Errands. Nothing fancy. Class. The typical outfit
Polo Oxford
Rich and Skinny Jeans
Burberry Slides

(later changed into flip flops because it was so hot, but the sweater because the class room wasn't!) 

 My Valentine's outfit. hahaha to class. and then back home for Ordy to cook me dinner (and dessert)!

I took the top out of my yard sale pile because I knew Ordy likes it and some skinny jeans with Steve Madden fuchsia flats. Of course a ruffle cardigan to top the look off.

Girl's Night- a bunch of us girls met up for Girl's Night at La Madeleine and it was SO.MUCH.FUN! I wore the new sweater with my Rich and Skinny jeans. I didn't wear those flats, i chose sandals instead since the weather is sooooo perfect!

Annnndddd today.

Scarf: sisters. stole it. Thanks, sher.
cardigan: nords rack
jeans: seven skinnies
shoes: sisters.

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  1. Where is the navy stripped sweater from? It looked like you were maybe in GAP? If you said in the post I missed it... I need it, ASAP! Haha! Thanks for the Wednesday dressing inspiration.

  2. I was going to ask as well what store were you in?!! Absolutely adore all that you tried on :). Let me know, in need of some retail therapy :)