Friday, February 11, 2011

My Valentine Cards

Wanna know what my Valentines are getting this year? My sweet little friends will be receiving these cute little Valentine's Day cards from me and all it took was a few of these:

Yep. Those are paint samples from Home Depot. And they're free. And they're awesome and TOTALLY me (if you know anything about me!) I love painting AND I love sending cards/notes. I knew my friends would get a kick and relate with the cute idea :)

With paint names like "Be Mine" and "Scented Valentine"... it just doesn't get much cuter than that.

If you want to do these easy and quick Valentine's cards all you have to do is go to your local paint dept, snag a few cards (they don't mind, I even asked if I could have a dozen because I felt guilty haha) and whatever you want to write on. I wanted to use some of my 3D stickers since I never get an excuse to and this was the perfect craft to use them on! (stickers found in scrapbook aisle of Hobby Lobby)

I had to switch them up a little :)

And there you have it! An easy and FREE way to send out a cute Valentine's Day card! Enjoy!

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  1. OMG those are so cute! I love your creativity

  2. HAHA, That's awesome. Very cool, and I feel like you're such a rebel for taking a whole lotta paint samples. Sometimes I just take them because I can. Never going to actually think about getting that color, but it's free so why not. OMG, I swear I'm not crazy.

  3. GENIUS!!! these are absolutely adorable. of course. Haha

  4. THANK YOU! And Oh-em-gee you had my loling all by myself Jennifer!!! After I took some from the first Home Depot it got addictive and I would get more the next time I went (in case I messed up) I had like 40 in my purse at lunch one day and my sister was looking at me like I was crazy!! Even though they were free, I was like showing her under the booth table because I was ashamed I took so many! I don't want them to start charging .05 a card because of 'abusers' like me! HA!

    Natalie, just act surprised when you see yours next week, k? k.

  5. What a cute idea! Those turned out great!

  6. Thank you, Emily! I'm about to take on a bathroom stenciling project and keep finding myself looking at yours for motivation but it only scares me to take on such a task! UGH!!! I just wish I could wiggle my nose and have it done magically...