Friday, October 8, 2010

Avondale Community Yard Sale

5:30 a.m. Saturday morning came wayyyyyy toooooo soon... I felt like I just called it a night at 2:30 a.m. (I did, bc I had a cake pop order that had to be complete after working a dinner shift at the restaurant! Busy bee...) Anyhow, I heard so much about the Avondale Community Yard Sale I felt like I had to suck it up and wake up to join Ordy's family on this annual trip!

I am so glad I went!

For starters, I loved seeing where Ordy's mom grew up. It was the cutest area and her childhood home was so cute. The whole area was quaint and charming. Ordy's mom's sister and friend also went (and we met Ordy's other aunt at the ACYS), and it was a great mini-trip. We started at 6:30 at Ordy's mom's house and didn't get back until 4:30 p.m. I didn't know what to expect, but like everything else in life, I always talk myself into not expecting much {so i'm not disappointed}... it's the weirdest technique. I convince myself that everything is going to be awful, so I will be surprised when it's not! I find it's better than the other way around... especially when it comes to how early i had to wake up! (jk) I had my bff's parents join me since I knew they could appreciate it! I liked the early advantage I had going first thing in the morning, because my bff's mom has the best taste in the world and I knew she might out-spot (ok, so I made up a word...) me and get all the good stuff. I knew she has a great eye for all things amazing, so I could just imagine us running towards the same thing, or her seeing something I wanted and beating me to it! haha jk, thank God none of that happened :) 

So here's what went down:
People Setting Up

$100 mixer... i already have Dolly, otherwise I'd get this!
the lot

my $5 frame (with the original $190 price on the back!!)

i LOVE any kind of glass jar!!
my awesome upside down x-mas tree decoration for $2!! (so happy, it matches 2 i already have!)

how many people does it take to (strategically) place everything in the car??!?!

frame, xmas cone, runner

My rug 

my runner. I love it! (and the purse is sitting on my servers book, Sher- not on the ground. before you say anything)

SO: to wrap it up... I got:
  • 5x7 rug with matching runner (to go in my dining room to block off the separate rooms)
  • large gold frame (that i'm too scared to ruin by spray painting now that i saw the price!!!!)
  • black wicker hamper with b/w damask fabric lining 
  • small gold mirror (that I spray painted white already)
  • pink christmas cone/tree (that match my 2 silver cones I bought last year after a Christmas sale from Marshall's)
  • cute shaped glass jar (that I gave to my sister to use for her son's third birthday party for now)

After all the yard sale madness and a full car you'd think we'd call it a day! Nope, not us. Some more shopping, a stop to the Ace Hardware, and an afternoon lunch in Downtown Decatur and THEN we called it a day :) I had so much fun, and hope I can go every year!

My plans for the gold frame were to make it into a chalkboard, but Ordy convinced me not to "ruin" it and rush to spray paint it white like I do everything else. something about the frame up close and in person is nice enough to leave alone and put in a future house when I won't have high gloss white laquer EVERYTHING... you know, when I grow up?? hahaha

Imagining it as a chalkboard...
I listened to Ordy and decided to leave it alone. I have no current plans for it as of now, but i'm happy I have the lil guy (the frame) haha. 

about to go to white spray paint heaven
My Mirror for $1! (nothing some spray paint can't fix!)

cute frames i've been eyeing at walmart, finally 1/2 off
i have some ideas for the geometric shaped frames.... if i get around to the project! i'll be doing a silhouette project for them of me and *please don't laugh*.... Bandit. hahah i think pet and owner silhouettes are adorable, but i dunno, maybe i'm officially crazy. nutty. bonkers. mad.
still debating on the gold frame's destiny

the dining room with the rug

And this last pic is random, but why not? The living room with the chandelier in the corner... yay or nay? too random?
the living room with the chandelier Mrs. B gave me!
also, my bff's mom gave me the MOST ADORABLE pillow cover EVER. I think i stared at it for a good 30 minutes... wish i was lying... I just kept staring and shrieking because I was about to have my step mom sew me one similar, and no where near as cute! it's so girly i love it! it's got "fruffles"... Thank you, Mrs. B!

Ok, so, I know- I have to make room for more junk... so yard sale this weekend hahaha, i'll let you know how that goes!


  1. As soon as I saw the frame I thought- White!! Haha! I love white but I won't encourage something the boyfriend said no to ;)

  2. You hit the jack pot! I guess Atlanta has the good garage sales and chatty has the good thrift stores :) everything is so cute! and i love the chandelier in your living room it's cute in that corner. Who got the old wooden ladder and do you know how much they got it for? i have been looking for another one to put in our bathroom to use as a towel rack!

  3. hahaha leslie, i know- it's killing me, so it's stayin in his garage away from me and spray paint lol

    good eyes alaina! ordy's mom got that cute ladder as a nightstand for a mountain house!! so rustic! i thinnnk it was 10 i'll let you know for sure. it was from an antique vendor AT the yard sale, like i think bringing antiques from her store was her job. thanks! i think i did pretty good myself!

  4. that is a great price on that ladder!! how fun, it has been so hard for me to find them!