Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Priorities Are Whack, Sew What??

ok, sorry for everyone cringing at the so/sew thing- i just had to...

I have really been thinking about sewing stuff, and am sick of "outsourcing" all my work to my stepmom or friends. hahaha. i feel like i should do it myself instead of burdening them on their time!!!

Randomly, I decided to look on good ol' faithful Craigslist for a few sewing machines. I was thinking even if i get a broken one for cheap i could fix it... or i can get one that is just gathering dust- like most peoples treadmills/elliptical machines... I figured i could take advantage of someone else buying it full price and selling it for less after they gave up on the sport of sewing haha.

I looked during my domestic relations class (priority whack #1) and found this:

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted it, I offered $40 (just because I wanted to think I got a deal), but after much deliberation i realized if it was as advertised it was a greatttt deal and even with no haggling $50 was a steal...


Since i'm no sewing pro i was excited about my first sewing machine even if it is entry level, but i researched and read nothing but good reviews!!

All I had to do was decide if the 85 mile trek was worth it or not (priority whack #2)... hahaha and at 10:30 p.m. if i had a ready, willing, and able body guard. Ordy boy's roommate was soooooo nice to go out of his way to drive to my house late and go with me- WHOOO HOOOO for nice guys!

So, that was that. With a bodyguard and $50 in tow, we headed out to Snellville to pick up my new sewing machine. I. Am. Obsessed. With. It!!! (Priority whack #3)

I plugged it in and just stared at how new it was. Everything was in it's plastic and i was shocked how perfect it was! I couldn't believe how it was MEANT for me!

I can't wait to start sewing!!!!!

I stayed up really late last night (priority whack #4) and tried to teach myself how to sew thinking i'd be some prodigy and be a pro instantly... WRONG. after 4 awful attempts i gave up and headed to bed falling asleep to youtube videos of how to sew. <--nerd.

I'll leave you novice sewers with this funny story: 

So, I was attempting to sew and lined up my fabric but this annoying random string kept coming in my way (the thread on the bottom) which i later learned on you tube was the "bobbin thread" i think... well, i wasn't too familiar with its purpose because while i was sewing attempting to sew, I kept seeing the (what i thought was random) thread and trying to cut it down as short as possible so it would quit getting in my way!!! HAHAHAHA NERD!


  1. haha, I am making blankets for Christmas for each of my children. I hate sewing, only because I can't do it well. But I am learning. hehe Good luck with all your projects and happy sewing :)

  2. it's definitely a process, and i'll take any hints!! now that i have a machine i might ask D's grandma for lessons if she has the patience!!!!