Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Southern Fall Night in GA

Saturday evening, Ordy Boy and I had a double date with the Brady's. We had a typical southern fall date night planned- think pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hay rides. Complete with fresh apple butter, apples, and other goodies. Emily and Andrew are from Ohio so it was quite the experience for them (even though they have participated in stuff like that as children haha).

me and the lil one

A "group" shot haha
We couldn't have asked for a better fall night to enjoy it all! The weather was in the 70's and it was gorgeous.

We got to the store part of the farm and went crazy just taking in all the fresh goodies. Emily bought a jar of Peach Salsa (amazing) and other goodies, and I got some Apple Cider, Honey Crisp apples, Apple Butter, and boiled peanuts. mmmmm.

Some pictures of why I love Fall SO MUCH:

After we shopped, we made our way to the pumpkin patch. Talk about massive pumpkins...they were giant! way too big to even attempt to take home to our "city porches". Maybe in the future with my wrap around porch... haha

ok, i'm done with this picture now :)
 **yeah. my dad sent me the pumpkin butt picture years ago... i finally found a butt pumpkin**

Daniel navigating us through the corn maze...ABOUT THAT!... we got SO frustrated/lost we ended up just walking in circles and trying our hardest to find the ENTRANCE to exit out of. We didn't care about giving up, we just wanted out- and when we got it, we felt so dizzy. hahaha i officially realized i'm old when getting lost through a corn maze was more annoying than entertaining. hahaha.

the defeated group

The Brady Bunch Goofing Off
After the maze we enjoyed a nice dinner and headed back home EXHAUSTED. I was in bed faster than fast and passed out the minute my head hit the pillow. I had a great weekend with good company on a beautiful Georgia fall night!

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  1. Such a fun fall night :) We would be so lost without you cute little southerners showing us the ropes around Georgia haha!