Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Top Weekend

It's been a busy weekend preparing for Kian's Circus/Carnival {what's the difference anyway??} 3rd Birthday Party!!! My sister Sher had the idea for a while, and i'm not gonna lie- she would send me loads of pics and i would think 'great! but we can't do that...' well, I WAS WRONG. we can. we did.

It was awesome to see her ideas executed so well! i was seriously worrying all weekend as she ran around metro atlanta looking for gold fish and cotton candy... this could be a potential flop... i was crossing my fingers {and toes} that she wouldn't have a mental breakdown at 3 am the morning of and call everyone invited canceling. she's kind of crazy like that... {love you Sher, but ya are}

It's just cuz she wants everything PERFECT. well, guess what? Today, everything was perfect. it really was. I don't have time to upload all the pics, but i'll upload a few of my favorite. I had so much fun watching all of Kian's little friends. I'm jealous, all his friends are ADORABLE and have cute names!!! what a fun bunch... it was great to meet everyone that i've only heard so much of!

I made the cupcakes for the party:

popcorn looking cupcakes

these are some of my favorite random shots (there's a TON more but it's late...)

Dad was SUCH a good sport and hilarious. he was cracking us up. he was the first to break the ice with the face painter for all the kids to feel comfortable, and he was the first to show the kids how to use the photobooth. I think deep down he was really having a blast :)

And finally, some of the birthday boy:


I love you so so so so {x a milli} much! you are the cutest, sweetest 3 year old anyone could ever dream to have as a nephew. i'm not good at gushy sweet words, but you know you mean the world to me! you're my favorite nephew ever and that will never change! you are so full of adventure and love. you're all things boyish and i love how inquisitive you are! I love your million, "but why?"s and i hope you never ever stop asking! you bring so much joy to this world i can't imagine a life without you. i get sad at nights when i'm all the way at home and can't hear your voice or play with your amazing hair and have to wait until sunday til i see you again... i love your goofiness, i love your shy embarrassed look when you stare at the ceiling from the corner of your eyes... you are the best and i'm so happy and blessed to be your aunt! everyone that meets you loves you--- Happy Birthday!!!

and last but NOT least... the amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, talented PARTY PLANNER!!!

a true mommy...workin' overtime

i'm so jealous i'm your sister and not your daughter! you are the BEST MOM in the whole entire world! i thought you were the best sister until you had your first born on October 17, 2007- then you became the best mom ever. you are so attentive to your kids. when you think no one is watching you- we are. we see how patient you are, treating both of your kids like humans and never yelling at them. you are so compassionate and caring. your full time job of juggling two kids under 2 (now 3!) is harder than ANY 9-5 out there. i can't imagine how hard it is to have a 24/7 job, and you do it so gracefully. I've been around you for 24 years and i'm still amazed at how second nature this whole mommy thing is to you- i mean, am i really surprised??? you raised me! (good thing you ditched the bossy act tho... jk). i can't wait to have kids and let you raise them! hahah jk (only slightly...) please have more of your adorable children- the world needs more {adorable} well behaved children! thank you for all you do! you're the best!!!!

P.s. for all you moms reading this- sher has her own amazing blog 
and if you like it as much as i do you will vote for her! 


  1. What an awesome party!! How fun! Sher had some incredible ideas :) And your popcorn cupcakes are SOOO cute!!!

  2. You and your sister are both incredibly talented! I am very impressed. And your nephew is a doll!

  3. thanks ladies! it was so much fun seeing it all come together, even if it meant sleeping late and getting up early! i probably got 9 hours of sleep all weekend!!! and yes, he is definitely a doll! SOOOO cute! wish you could meet him and see him in person- so much character!