Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overnight Seamstress!...Notttt

After torturing myself browsing tons of ADORABLE ruffly camera strap covers on Etsy, I was 3 seconds away from buying one this weekend. Then it hit me. The value of a dollar. How I was about to fork over $40 for a STUPID camera strap when I had a perfectly functioning one... I could not justify it. My thought process: I could make one, but I could buy JUST THIS ONE because it's soooo cute "i need a model... one to mimic mine after..." but i knew after buying it i would only keep that one on it and not attempt to make one. I also knew that $40 is the equivalent of serving 4-5 tables. I literally envisioned myself greeting/serving 4 snobby "Buckhead Bettys" and that alone made me empty my cart. I would rather make one now then go to work to justify a $40 camera strap... <-- more info than you need, i know. but it was my thought process!


Problem: no cute ruffly camera strap
Solution: make one

Problem: no sewing machine to make one
Solution: buy one

Problem: no sewing skills
Solution: glue it

I kid you not. I made one. I bought a sewing machine- and didn't use it :)

I hand stitched the ruffle part and fabric glued everything else. And I LOVE it!!! The NO-Sew Ruffle Camera Strap!!!

i. love. it. 

so i can't focus- my photo in mirror skills suck...

I had a rough day (not bad, just rough hahaha) in a nutshell:

  • i rode on the elevator with the professor i'm most terrified of. the conversation was awkward. it was from the 8th floor to the bottom and the elevator was taking its precious time. miserable. 
  • i ran into her again after i realized i hadn't done my hw and was rushing to class early to sit down and look at it bc i was sure i was going to get called on... she said "see you soon..." in a "i'm going to get you" tone...
  • i panic and rush to walk into our classroom to do the hw as i'm blabbing to Emily and she softly whispers, "no...sheila..." and I realize I just walked into a room full of 3Ls taking a midterm. Proctor and all. 
  • i get to class finally and within the first 15 minutes find myself whispering something to emily (internet was down, no gchat) only to find myself choking on my own spit that went down the wrong pipe. i legit was choking and had to excuse myself from the classroom.
  • an hour into the same class, i realize i don't have my phone. panic sets in. i freak out and run to the cafe. no phone turned in. panic. i check my car. ahhh, on the floor board. walk back in again. you can call me grace. all sorts of disruptions today.
  • grabbed lunch at panera and was convinced i oughta get a drink with my salad (which i never do, always get water), and after i pay for a large drink- never got the cup and realize in the middle of class. bothered me all day.
  • come home to get my blender out for some nutella milkshakes, and it shattered from a one inch fall. shattered. sad time. i loved that thing...
but it's ok. because all's well that ends in eating whoopie pies and toasted marshmallow nutella milkshakes, right? {that's how the old adage goes...right?} 

PUMPKIN Whoopie Pies, compliments of the lovely, talented, gorgeous, sweet, Kat from Lush Cakery. I mean seriously, could she be any cuter???

I wish i could show you a picture of the shakes- but because of this:

the marshmallows made them look ROUGH! hahaha but they tasted delish :) (who questioned it anyway? not I)

So... all is well with my new camera strap, $40 in my pocket, and a belly full of bad amazing food!

Completely unrelated- but I LOVE my new lamp I got last night. i love lamp!!! no really, i have a weird obsession with lamps :)


  1. Love the camera strap! i can't believe you didn't even sew it.... i love lamp too.

  2. Literally just laughed out loud while reading the recap of your day haha.. even though I witnessed the entire thing, your "call me grace" got me laughing REALLY hard haha! :)

  3. LOVE the strap!!! (and the lamp!) Thanks for sharing the website- can't wait to steal ideas:)

  4. thanks natalie! i mentioned you in my last blog post, aren't you glad i didn't come crying to you to sew a strap in between feeding/nursing chamblee?? lol like one cry baby isn't enough :)