Thursday, October 14, 2010

Drop Toms not Bombs

After going to bed at 5:30 a.m. this morning (and falling asleep around 6:30...) yep you read that right A.M. i have been a zombie for the majority of the day. i feel like my body is numb and i have a nagging headache with a dull pain behind my left eye. yep. i'm falling apart. no more undergrad all nighters anymore... anyhow, the first draft of the mediation paper is done and turned in until the second draft due in a few weeks- i hope i learned my lesson on procrastinating...

It's time to decide on a new Toms color... help me pick!

 I can't decide what my fall color Toms will be this year... I really wanted a red/maroon since I'm obsessed with red flats but i think i would wear grey more and is more practical... then i'm torn with the cord line and of course "Persian" Blue caught my eye :)

I think Ordy's mom has the "Madrina" one and i LOVE them! I wish Tom's went on sale :( i love my yellow ones and might wear them a little longer but i think i need a fallish color asap!

I didn't think i could get away with the red but my friend Stephanie came over the other night and she pulled it off wonderfully :) it made me realize i need to get my fall pair... decisions decisions!!!

i bought my bff a pair of these for his graduation (but he hates me and doesn't even care about them) wah.

Ordy Boy bought me these for our anniversary:

Sher bought me these for X-mas 3 years ago:

And I've practically worn a hole through these...


So help me decide my new pair! anything on the website, not just here! :)


  1. The burgundy cordorory for sure!! i love those!

  2. is burgundy the same as maroon? I like the 3rd one down. PS this is Allison, I just don't know how to get the blog to say that :)

  3. i love the red!! or the army green color basic ones on the website!