Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As I Procrastinate...

Last week at Target, I saw this pillow (the one with roses) I wanted really to a pillow (grey with yellow) that I wanted really bad LAST year and has YET to go on sale. boohoo.

With a 1/4 of a $100 price tag (hahaha), looks like i'm just gonna have to make one soon... sometimes i wonder if i even save money... haha YES, you do. I do. there's no way a pillow is worth $25! And I think it's so much cooler to say you made it anyway... haha. plus at the rate i change my decor, i'll be going broke spending $25 each accent pillow... (trust me, i remember when i bought the $25 moroccan patchwork pillows from Pier One, only to sell them for $3 each at the yard sale this weekend...)

Check back with me later to see if I :

  1. survived and finished writing my paper
  2. survived my 12 hour class day Thursday
  3. didn't break my sewing machine
  4. didn't go crazy trying to sew
In other news... My dad is coming in town tomorrow. Along with Ordy Boy, and my sister's bff. All for Kian's 3rd birthday party. What a fun weekend! All I have to do is see the light at the end of the tunnel with this stupid paper!!!!


  1. haha! you crack me up! love that pillow you can totally make it for cheap. An easy way to make the actual pillow is use napkins. At world market they are about $3 and they have solid colors so you can just add your little flower on top! Good luck! can't wait to see it.

  2. Hey!
    I LOVE that bedding too :)

    To answer your question, the ribbon organizer is actually from Making Memories. Just google it, and I'm SURE you can find it :)

    Hope that helps!

  3. Alaina, i've been using curtains/table cloths for cute fabric hahaha i find it's MUCH cheaper than actual by the yard fabric- napkins = great idea!!

    and thank you so much Shelley, i'm still shocked whenever you reply! hahaha i will pass the message on to my sister! Thanks so much for the fast response!!!

  4. Let me know if you figure out how to make the flower adornments on those pillows! I, too, have been lusting after them at Target. The husband (level-headed budget-minded guy he is) has put his foot down on my extravagant taste in decor. :-)

  5. You can definitely make them! This is pretty close for the flowers...