Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ordy's Surprise

Since I reminded you guys I am dating an amazing guy :) I know in the midst of all the decorating and redecorating and crafts and projects, it's easy to forget

  1. I'm a full time student
  2. I have a bf
Ha- but I promise, i find a way to make crafts work while juggling the above two priorities... 

Ordy has been so amazing this past weekend with my dad in town- meaning 24/7 family time. It's been confirmed this week that my family likes Ordy Boy more than they like me... other than the fact I can't walk in the house without them hounding me where he is or when he'll get there- he spent the ENTIRE DAY Monday (early afternoon-LATE) hanging out with my family. Sans Me. Whattttt. While I was responsible and headed off to class after my long but fun weekend at Sher's Monday afternoon, my bf stayed. Until 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. unreal. i never thought i would be so lucky to have family + bf get along so well! i mean my dad was genuinely talking with him and laughing, it wasn't forced or anything... i love it. 

I love how respectful he is and how i don't have to worry about what he says next to embarrass me, or make me cringe. i can walk away and know he is OK. we had a lot of fun at Sher and Frankie's and i never laugh so hard as i do when we're all four together. {think: cupcake fights wars, bean bag battles, etc} instead of couples against couples it's usually boys against girls... 

This Sunday, one of the family outings {after breakfast at the oh so delish Flying Biscuit}, we {all 10 of us} headed to the auction. 

mmm. french toast and veggie scramble. amazing. 

I loved going, i thought it was a guy thing Ordy and Frankie would do every sunday, but this sunday we tagged along and i might make Ordy take me from now on! They were actually filming a show, Auction Kings, there and we had to sign waivers and get our picture taken and stuff just to get in... they even interviewed the boys! i'll have to figure out when it'll be on the discovery channel to catch em. 

Check OUT those chandeliers! 
film crew

64 1/2 mustang!!! and chandeliers

two of my favorite things: old mustang and chandeliers

the birthday boy

It was around 2 pm (Kian's naptime) and it was hard to get comfy with him trying to nap so we decided to leave the boys and head to my house... which is a great thing we did because of the disaster that was waiting for me when i got there... well, while i did damage control for 6+ hours- Ordy was STILL at the auction! i was getting annoyed because i was sad he didn't care that i was stuck with no car, no mop, and left to clean up old sewage from my floors. they finally came at 7:30 p.m. to pick me up and take me to my car and Ordy Boy had a surprise for me...

Venetian  Crystal Chandelier

the prettiest chandelier i have ever seen... seriously. i was shocked. i didn't know if it was a joke or what... i'm obsessed with chandeliers and have been looking online for years. i want my future house to have a chandelier in every room {i'm not joking, even the closet AND kitchen} and I KNOW that these bad boys aren't easy to come by.... I can't believe he got me one, and one so amazing at that... i'm still in shock and feel guilty, even tho there's nothing TO feel guilty about. i just feel bad he spoils me so much...  i promise i didn't drop hints or anything, he just knows me. i asked him why he would do that and where the heck i would put it and he said he hadn't gotten me a surprise lately, and decided this would be a good one. um, yeah it is. i can't believe it! i don't think you get me and chandeliers... 

Thank you Ordy Boy for being so good to me {and my family} and for putting up with all of the madness. I am so thankful for you!!! <-- with or without an incredible chandelier!


  1. it's beautiful! I can't wait to see where you put it!

  2. it's HUGE! i can't wait to see where it goes myself! lol i seriously am obsessed with it and tiptoe around it so it doesn't shake/shatter... i freaking love it! ( i know it's SO not rustic barn vintage- but i love the elegance of chandeliers!!!)

  3. i love that look with vintage rustic stuff, you gotta have a little bling :)