Thursday, October 21, 2010

Retail Therapy

Buying stuff makes me feel good, other people buying me stuff makes me feel a lot better!!! that sounds so materialistic... haha or greedy... ok ok i mean when people THINK of me- i love it.

let me rewind before you think i'm a gold digger haha -- my love languages are GIFTS and physical touch. <-- ironic, huh? coming from the girl who rarely hugs... but think about it. it makes sense for physical touch to be my love language, since i "value" it and attach a hug with "love" hugging randos = weird and fake to me...almost intrusive... i have to have a relationship with someone to hug comfortably. hahaha sher thinks i'm a freak, most people do but it's ok... especially since i come from a mom who hugs the bagger at Publix... she gives hugs out like it's her job! ANYWAY, all that to say- it means a lot to me when i'm thought of to be given a gift, and at the same time, i LOVE giving gifts! it's not just gimme, gimme, gimme... i imagine the person receiving a gift from me will be just as happy to receive it as i would!

Moving on, yesterday my amazing, awesome, sweet, thoughtful sister RANDOMLY bought me these:

i could stare at them alllllll day hahaha. i have wanted these Burberry sliders since my last birthday when they first came out but at $275 it was out of my student friendly budget... and then when i did corral my dad to the mall for a birthday splurge- they didn't have my size. i thought it was a sign {i'm weird like that haha} and moved on with my life... then we were reunited again. and i wanted them BAD. i sent a pic to my friends to see if i should splurge and the answer was unanimous, "NO". ugh. bummer. another sign. not even my friends were helping me justify it. they knew it was extreme.

fast forward 4 or so weeks... yesterday while shopping with my sister she surprised me with them while i was in another store!!! AHHHH so cute I LOVE HER/THEM! (by the way, you all know i love her with or without the sweet shoes)

ok, enough about the shoes- we had a full shopping day and i loved every minute of it. funny story: i told my nephew he could pick ANY TOY in the world, and wanna know what he chose????

he hangs out with his momma too much!!! of all the toys, trucks, cars, legos, he wanted a "mini" broom and dustpan set!!! whatttttt.

he loved it so much he wouldn't let it go- not even for nap time!

After our full day of shopping we headed to my house to get ready for GNI- Cookie Decorating Night!

i made the EXACT SAME TOMATO BASIL SOUP as la madeliene... it tasted JUST like it- trust me! and only way cheaper :)

SO EASY you'll die! <--not really. but you'll love how simple it is. i'm posting the recipe bc the girls asked me to:

La Mad's Tomato Basil Soup
4 Cups Crushed Peeled Tomatos
4 Cups Tomato Juice
1 Cup Heavy Cream
1 Stick Butter (1/4 lb)

mmm. i want some now.

Here are some of our amateur cookie designs hahaha (i actually am impressed with the designs!)

i won't say who did which ones but you can pick your favorites hahaha. half survived, half of the cookies were eaten... mmmm

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