Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ordy and his "mini-me"...

Just in case you forgot... I love Ordy Boy... haha. in the event you thought that was just a random blog, i'll remind everyone why the name is "ordy and joon" hahaha

I love how thoughtful Ordy is...

My nephew Kian is OBSESSED with Ordy. He follows him around, tries to be his "mini-d'' and tries so hard to fit in with the guys when Ordy is around. I got him a pair of cowboy boots that look EXACTLY like Ordy's, he was SO excited he didn't want to take them off and wait for his birthday!

in the boat with the boots

going on a ride on grandpa's harley

boots and skinny jeans. so stylish

The minute Ordy gets to my sister's house it goes like this:

Kian comes runs out to meet us. Hugs throws himself at Ordy for a hug, and asks him for his truck keys. Soon after, he asks Ordy for his croakies, then his hat (cuz he's always wearing both, and kiki wants to be just like him!)

only wants to sit next to ordy at dinner

The rest of our Sunday consists of Kian following around his daddy and Ordy and being 'one of the guys'. The other day Sher had this convo with Kian, 

Sher: What kind of car do you want when you grow up?
Kian: the 'Cout! (He can't say Scout, Scouter, Skate, etc... it's Cout, couter, and kate...haha)
Sher: but it's not yours...
Kian: no, it's ok! bc dannel is going to give it to me, he said it's ok

So that's that, when Kian turns 16, the 'cout is his!

But of course, Ordy being the adorable guy he is, hated for kian to have to wait that long... so what did he do??? GET HIM A 'COUT NOW!!! 

He got him this jeep off craigslist, and tweaked it a little :)

washing the jeep

It took a little bit of time {because Ordy is SUCH a perfectionist...}... he washed it spotless, taped everything off, primed, spray painted it white etc. he was so excited to give it to kian and see his reaction of his own 'cout.

Well, here it is:

can you just sense the excitement? he was shocked.
i don't think he fully comprehended that it was HIS. and it looked just like a mini 'cout :) his!

sharing the cout with his sister

this is his happy face

 a very grateful kiki
I'll let you know how the rest of the day went: Kian outside on his 'cout...allllll day. even just sitting in it while the battery charged...talking to his imaginary friends about it on "his" cell phone. it was so cute. i love my boys.


  1. That is one of the most adorably sweet things I have ever seen. I have a feeling that if you don't marry this guy, your family will do it for you. :-) -- Natalie

  2. P.S. Any interest in helping me redesign my blog? (I understand if you don't want to. I can't really afford to pay for some fancy design AND my blog is impossibly theme-less). But...yours is so cute, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

  3. Hahaha sher says that all the time! Hopefully we will, and they won't have to! And of course i can help! If u don't mind it being on my schedule lol, experimenting with designs while in class :) do you have a specific design/idea in mind? That would help a lot! Mine changes a lot because I don't really know what I want... I'm so fickle!

  4. Well I would like something that reflects me or at least some aspect of me. Hmmm... we should chat soon and bounce ideas around! Do you use gmail chat ever?