Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moonshine Festival

I love Fall. I love Festivals. I love how there is ALWAYS something to do in October, and not enough time to do it. (even though this is the first October in 400 or so years that has 4 weekends in it- so YAY for an extra weekend!) This weekend I had a big cake pop order so I couldn't really plan much because of the amount of time that went in to getting the order done, but once it was finished I made it a point to try and enjoy some of Saturday while I could. Ordy and I headed out to the Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville with his parents. It was a gorgeous day and most of the festival was surrounded around cars- i mean, it's Dawsonville- what did you expect, real moonshine? haha. I had an amazing "Cowboy Chicken Crepe", boiled peanuts, lemonade, and fried green tomatoes. mmmm. i can't wait to make some at the cabin this week!

I had fun daydreaming about the cars that WILL one day be in Ordy and my garage... i have no doubt Ordy will design the most amazing (temperature controlled haha) garage, full of amazing rides we both have dreamt about. One of the things we had in common while we first started dating was sharing the same taste in cars (the only car I HATE that he likes is the mustang 5.0- i don't care how fast it is, it is the ugliest body style Ford EVER had!) we even shared the love for the same Scout that he has today, so dreaming about it and getting it so soon has been amazing. 1 down, 22 to go. jk. i can't wait to have more cars than days of the week haha. 

Great Dane
things that WEREN'T so cute

ignore the weird hair flip

omg the guy looked like a SHORT John Ritter

my booboo with my awesome wooden sign


trying to win a rabbit for kiki

i love this sign!

picnic time

Cowboy Chicken Crepe

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  1. How fun!! If y'all are ever intersted, my family has a 1975 scout that actually looks very similar to ordy's. It has been sitting in our driveway for a few years now, we drive it every so often but it needs a little work. My dad has tried to sell it numerous times but no takers. So if you know anyone or if y'all want another one let me know!